Lake Werbellin
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Lake Werbellin

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Map of the region
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Lake Werbellin
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A change of scene: from the wide waterway of the Havel-Oder Canal, we turn northwards into the narrow Werbellin Canal. We are suddenly surrounded by the silence of the forest and ready for the magic of Lake Werbellin. Der Werbellinkanal
Am Werbellinsee "40 m, 50 m, 70 m ...", the depth-sounder indicates strange depths when you travel into Lake Werbellin. When landing, you should however carefully watch the bottom of the lake through the clear water as the banks are often very shallow.
"We are sitting in a fairytale location, for we are sitting on the edge of Lake Werbellin." (Theodor Fontane).

You can enjoy fresh whitefish in the fish restaurants located directly on the lake.
Am werbellinsee