Yacht charter on Lake Müritz and in the Mecklenburg Lake District
Anna Blume Bootcharter

The Müritz II

In brief
Map of the region
Lake Müritz
Northern Müritz
Southern Müritz
North Brandenburg
South Brandenburg
Röbel an der Müritz Röbel is the second metropolitan area on Lake Müritz after Waren.

Logbook entry for the marina at Röbel: "Nice harbour master, the harbour is well located for shopping."
You are more likely to find quiet places to drop anchor south of Lake Müritz. It is worth going further via the lakes Müritzarm and Müritzsee to reach Buchholz.

Logbook entry: "Ate at the Altes Backhaus: excellent, duck and deer cooked for hours at a low temperature in the clay oven, served with bread also baked in the oven. Simply delicious. Moderate prices."
Ankerbucht am Müritzsee
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