Yacht charter on Lake Müritz and in the Mecklenburg lake District
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Lake Müritz

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Lake Müritz
Northern Müritz
Southern Müritz
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South Brandenburg
It is not by chance that Lake Müritz was called "Kleines Meer" ("Little Sea") in the language of the Wends who settled here in former times.

You sometimes think you are out on the open sea when crossing the wide expanse of water that is Lake Müritz.
Die riesige Wasserfläche der Müritz
Our boats are seaworthy, but you nonetheless have to tackle lake Müritz with the appropriate respect. In rough weather, only experienced skippers should dare head out onto the lake.

Video: Brinkmann/Lüsse, 07
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The lively town of Waren, whose extended waterside promenades open out onto the lake and the marina, is situated on the northern bank of Lake Müritz. Hafenpromenade in Waren
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