Ruppin waters
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Ruppin waters III

Land of Fontane

In brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
Upper Havel
Ruppin waters
Kremmener Rhin
Lake Ruppin
The Finow Canal
Lake Werbellin
South Brandenburg
Theodor Fontane Theodor Fontane was born in Neuruppin. Even today, the apothecary that his father bought still exists. His father lost the apothecary as a result of gambling debts when Fontane was still a child.
Quadratic, practical, Prussian. Neuruppin was totally redrawn following the fire that engulfed the town in 1787. This enabled the development of a model town with a clear, straight layout, air and light - and room for military deployment. Nueruppin
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