The Havelland - Wannsee
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Havelland I


In brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
South Brandenburg
Potsdamer Havel
Havelland scenery
Brandenburg an der Havel
Segelclub am Wannsee One of the most well-known "lakes" in Germany is in fact no lake at all. Strictly-speaking, the Wannsee is a lake-like extension of the Lower Havel, so therefore a lagoon.

A few traditional water sports clubs are based here.
The area around Wannsee has always been a sought-after residential area for Berlin's rich and famous. Here, you can marvel at magnificent old villas around the water's edge. Am Kleinen Wannsee
Glienicker Brücke The Glienicke Bridge links the areas of Berlin around the Wannsee with Brandenburg's capital Potsdam.

The bridge became famous during the Cold War when secret agents were exchanged between East and West.
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