The Havelland - the City of Brandenburg
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Havelland IV

Brandenburg an der Havel

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North Brandenburg
South Brandenburg
Potsdamer Havel
Havelland scenery
Brandenburg an der Havel
Dominsel in Brandenburg More than worth a visit on a boating holiday is the old (Hanseatic) city of Brandenburg. Here is a view of the Dominsel ("cathedral island").
Brandenburg is completely shaped by water. The Lower Havel and City Canal flow through the centre of the city. There are also numerous larger and smaller canals.

Directly north of the city is the long, stretched-out chain that is Lake Beetz, west of the large lakes Lake Breitling and Lake Plauer, from where you can travel further in the direction of the Havel estuary.
Brandenburg an der Havel
Jahrtausendbrücke in Brandenburg In Berlin, we can only dream of it, but here there are excellently-designed moorings everywhere. It is a pleasure to travel into the city centre on the boat - if only to drink a capuccino in the pleasant café-bar on the Millennium Bridge.
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