The Finow Canal
Anna Blume Bootcharter

The ship lifting facility on the Lower Finow Canal

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Map of the region
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The ship lifting facility overcomes the height difference with Oderbruch faster than the locks on the Finow Canal.

Logbook entry: "Then, as if in a massive lift, you go up 36 m in a trough. A real experience!"
Ingenious and simple: the boats travel in a massive water-filled trough that is pulled upwards by steel ropes as if in a lift. Because a ship displaces as much water as its weight, the trough remains the same weight, regardless of how many ships are in it.
It is balanced out with counterweights. The engines only have to overcome friction and can therefore be set very low, so you save energy, too!

Computer animation of how the ship lifting facility works.
(Eberswalde Water and Shipping Authority)
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