Boating holidays on the River Dahme and the lakes in Spreeland
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Spreeland IV


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Der Teupitzsee The German novelist Theodor Fontane left the course of the River Dahme in Prieros and turned south to the chain of lakes that is today known as the "Teupitz waters". Fontane's journey on his boat the "Sphinx" ended at Lake Teupitz.

This is a very quiet location. It is still the case that only few yachts are found on this route to Teupitz. It means that the lake - although very navigable - is essentially a haven for anglers. Der Teupitzsee
Der Teupitzsee With its coves and islands, the lake offers romantic locations to drop anchor. There is also a a well-equipped marina.

Logbook entry: "Teupitz is an idyllic little place in Brandenburg."
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