Boating holidays on the River Dahme and the lakes in Spreeland
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Spreeland III

Storkow waters

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Storkow waters
Storkower Gewässer The Storkow waters, which branch off from the Dahme at Prieros, offer peace and quiet and comfortable landing possibilities in the small locations that line the Storkow Canal.
Storkow has a lock and a bascule bridge. In between these, there is a brand new jetty with "yellow wave" classification.

There is also a lovely market place in Storkow along with castle ruins and a rubbish bin that talks.
Storkower Gewässer
Bad Saarow With its well-tended promenades along the river banks and noble hotels, Bad Saarow, on the northern bank of Lake Scharmützel, tries to recapture the heydeys of old.
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