Boating holidays on the River Dahme and the lakes in Spreeland
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Spreeland II

The River Dahme between Prieros and Märkisch Buchholz

In brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
South Brandenburg
Lower Dahme
Upper Dahme
Storkow waters
Streganzer See Upwards of Prieros, the River Dahme becomes the waterways of the State of Brandenburg.

Above the lock at Prieros, you first reach Lake Streganz, where you can pull up at Hotel Waldhaus for a good meal.
Märkisch Buchholz, a small location, can be reached via romantic waterways south of Prieros. It is almost as if time has stood still here since the 1950s.

Above Märkisch Buchholz, the River Dahme is no longer navigable.
Anleger in Märkisch Buchholz
Wehr in Märkisch Buchholz Key sights in Märkisch-Bucholz: the cascading dam, which also produces electricity. Small boats can overcome the 6 m height difference with the help of the boat hoist and can travel further along the canal towards Spreewald.
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