Boating holidays on the River Dahme and the lakes in Spreeland
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Spreeland I

The Dahme between Köpenick and Prieros

In brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
South Brandenburg
Lower Dahme
Upper Dahme
Storkow waters
Köpenick The German novelist Theodor Fontane began his adventure trail in Köpenick. Accompanied by two gentleman and a servant, he set out on his sailing boat "the Sphinx" to discover the sources of the "Wendische Spree".
The Wendische Spree (River Dahme) flows into the Müggelspree at Köpenick Castle.

If you want to travel on to Teupitz, the route upstream is free of locks once you have passed the Neue Mühle lock in Königs Wusterhausen.
Schleuse Neue Mühle
Die Dahme There is only one bascule bridge to pass through at Groß-Köris.

The Dahme is a generally wide and quiet river, which, as is usual for rivers in our region, continues to expand like a lake.
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