Boat charter in Brandenburg und Berlin
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Berlin III

The Gate of the City

In Brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
Berlin map
Central Berlin
The Athens of the Spree
Berlin's greenery
South Brandenburg
Seen from upstream, the magnificent Oberbaum Bridge, built in the style of a knight's castle, marks the end of the stretch of the Spree that flows through the centre of Berlin. A border crossing separating East from West Berlin was located here for many years. The left bank of the river in Kreuzberg was in the West of the city, the right bank, in Friedrichshain, in the East. Die Oberbaumbrücke
Molecule Men Standing in the water in front of the Treptowers, which among other things house the headquarters of the Allianz insurance company, are these two monumental figures, the "Molecule Men" by the American sculptor Jonathan Borofsky.

Berlin's long-awaited marina should eventually be located here - on the left bank between the Elsen and Oberbaum bridges.
A UFO has landed on the banks of the Spree, designed by the unconventional finnish architect Matti Suuronen. UFO
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