Boat charter in Brandenburg and Berlin
Anna Blume Bootcharter

Berlin I

Monuments of Power

In brief
Map of the region
North Brandenburg
Berlin map
Central Berlin
"Athens on the Spree"
Berlin's greenery
South Brandenburg
Der Reichstag You can see (almost) everything interesting and precious that Berlin has to offer from the Spree:

the parliament building, the Reichstag, was built from 1884-1894, set alight in 1933, wrapped up in 1995 and furnished with a new cupola in 1999.
A masterpiece by Santiago Calatrava: the Kronprinzen Bridge spans the Spree at Paul Löbe House, near to the Reichstag. Die Kronprinzenbrücke
Das Bodemuseum Some views can only be enjoyed from the water,

e.g. the panoramic view of the Bodemuseum, the restored Monbijou Bridge and the television tower the Fernsehturm.
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