Should you rent a Linssen or a Jetten yacht?
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Should you rent a Linssen or a Jetten yacht?

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For many people, particularly in Germany, "Linssen" is synonymous with high-quality, Dutch steel yachts. Many of those who are looking to rent a genuinely good yacht in the Berlin / Brandenburg / Mecklenburg area would accept nothing other than a Linssen. And Linssen, quite rightly, has a good name.

But the keel is now also laid on noble, steel yachts in other parts of the Netherlands - e.g. at the small but worthy traditional boatyard in Sneek, Freesland, which is run by two brothers, Marcel and Sander Jetten.

We compare our Jetten 40 "Anna Karenina" with the Linssen 40.9, which can be rented from one of our competitor's in our region:
Linssen GS 40.9 Sedan Jetten 40 Sedan
L x W x D 12.85 x 4.30 x 1.20 m 12.10 x 3.90 x 1.10 m
Berths 4 + 2 4 + 2
Solid, Dutch steel construction Yes Yes
Name known throughout Europe Yes No
Hull Knickspant, white,
10 cm-rope fender
around boat
Knickspant, blue,
14 cm-rope fender
around boat
Engine Volvo-Penta 81 kW
(110 HP)
Nanni-Kubota 85 kW
(115 HP)
Bow and stern thruster Yes Yes
Interior fittings
Insulation Mineral wool PU foam
Heating Hot air Underfloor heating
Windows Single glazing Gebo Isotherm double glazing
Opening to cockpit 2 doors full, with 4 doors
Co-driver seat No Adjustable height -
with writing desk
Skipper's seat Fixed seat Height-adjustable chair
Sunroof Hand-operated Electric
We believe that "Jetten Yachting" is on a par with Linssen, and, in terms of flexibility, the Jetten brothers are clearly a nose ahead: whilst the customer has practically no opportunity to make any decisions with the manufacturer during the construction of the GS 40.9, Jetten yachts are "semi-custom built", which means that, during construction, customers have a large say in terms of their design.

In this way, we were able to develop a boat with the Jetten yard that suited our region and would meet the needs of our guests. People of all sizes can sit comfortably and ergonomically when steering or writing at the desk while the electric sunroof can also be operated by those who are not big or strong. When the weather turns cooler, the double glazing remains clear and the underfloor heating provides cosy warmth.